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Flood Control System | Hinsdale Illinois

Flood Control System Stops Sewer Backups

A flood control system installed on your home’s sewer line can prevent waste from re-entering the home. When the city sewer is overwhelmed, basements flood with sewage. This can happen around the Chicago area. Call our flood control experts to see your flood control system options in Hinsdale, Illinois!

Flood Control Systems in Hinsdale IL

This homeowner in Hinsdale called Rescue Plumbing late at night because they had basement flooding! They thought it was because of a broken sump pump. Our team arrived quickly to prevent worse flood damage and to stop the sewer backup. The sump pumps were in working order so that wasn’t the issue. Our plumber used our industrial strength drain cleaning machine to clear any clog. However, that didn’t stop water coming back from the sewer line. Our professional knew it was a deeper issue that was causing the sewer backup.

Flood Control on Sewer Line

Our plumber suggested a flood control system to eliminate flooding problems from the city sewer. The technicians inspected the property and found an older flood control system was previously installed. However, flood prevention systems without routine maintenance can cause flooding problems. For this Hinsdale resident, their basement flooding was caused by the flood control system that was supposed to prevent flooding! Luckily, our technicians knew exactly how to fix their existing flood control system.

Flood Control Sewer System

Flood control systems are a great flood prevention tool for any home. During heavy rains or snow melts, you won’t have to worry about the city sewer flooding into your home. With a minor excavation, our team removed an old back water valve and serviced the flood control system so it would run smoothly again! Give us a call for flood control maintenance or installation! We’re always happy to provide flood control options, call us (773) 799-8848!

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