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Repairing Leaking Pipes in Downtown Chicago


Recently, we completed a commercial plumbing job in the Downtown Loop neighborhood of Chicago.  This job was in a commercial kitchen.  They had several leaks coming from their drainage piping on their three compartment sink.  They also had several leaks coming from their commercial faucets. 

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We arrived on site and immediately diagnosed the issues.  Like all our jobs, we provided a free verbal estimate to repair the leaks, which the customer approved.  After approval, we immediately went to work.  First, we had to shut down the water to the building and replace the shut off valves for the commercial faucets.  We did this so that we could isolate the pipes to properly repair them.  Then, we ran to a commercial parts store to purchase repair parts for the faucets. 

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After all that, we came back with all the appropriate parts and repaired all the leaks.  To the Rescue!  Rescue Plumbing was able in a matter of hours to repair all leaks to get this commercial kitchen back up and running.  Thank you very much for the business, and please leave us a great review!

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