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Plumbing Emergency Strikes Restaurant in Goose Island, Chicago

In commercial bathrooms, clogs can disrupt the flow of business. Clogs in commercial restrooms can ruin a customer’s experience, so this plumbing emergency in Goose Island, Chicago, IL required immediate attention. Rescue Plumbing offers the excellent service and quality workmanship to get the job done.

This Plumbing Problem is No Match for Our Licensed Plumbers

This commercial bathroom was in dire need of our plumbing services. A clogged toilet drain was causing problems in this restaurant bathroom, disturbing workers and customers. Fortunately, we have the best plumbers to take care of all your plumbing needs, whether they’re needed in a commercial or residential space. Our commercial customers in Chicago, IL rely on our highly experienced plumbers and reasonable prices to help them get back to business.

Clogged Toilet Drain Requires Quick Repair

The first step in this case was to run a clog diagnostic. This is the process we use to determine the source of a clogged toilet drain. Upon inspecting the floor drain, we saw that it was full of sewage. Normally, this drain should be full of water. This meant that the line was clogged past the toilet and would require drain cleaning to the main sewer pipe.

Expert Plumber Provides Professional Service

Unfortunately, there was no clean-out access, so the toilet had to be fully removed. The cause of the clog was quickly spotted – a big ball of baby wipes! A rod was placed in the floor drain access to the sewer line to reach the clog. After reinstallation, the toilet underwent a few test flushes to ensure it was functioning properly. Our professionals cleaned the area, allowing business to proceed as usual!

Whether your commercial or residential toilets have a leak, are overflowing, or no longer flushing, we offer professional plumbing services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We fix more than just toilets – homeowners and business owners alike rely on us to repair everything from a hot water heater to a shower and faucet and everything in between.

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