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Commercial Water Heater | Highwood Illinois

Water Heaters Failure

A water heater can fail for a lot of different reasons. It can be an issue with electrical services, gas lines, corrosion, and the age of the heating system. Whether it’s a single family residential building or a large scale commercial property, it needs hot water. Our licensed plumbers know how important a working water heater is so we offer same day emergency services!

Commercial Plumbing Emergency

Late in the evening, a Highwood, IL commercial building with multiple businesses contacted Rescue Plumbing for our professional service. No one in the building had hot water! Our team immediately went to the location to start repairs. Unfortunately, our plumbers discovered a 20 year old water heater!

Water Heating and Cooling Systems

Water heaters have a life span. Even with routine maintenance plans, a water heater will produce hot water reliably for 5-8 years. In Highwood, IL with hard water and other sediments, a water heater can collect a lot of sediment and minerals. Our pros were surprised it lasted this long! Luckily, Rescue Plumbing keeps the top brands of water heaters on stock!

Tank or Tankless Water Heaters for Commercial Services

After diagnosing the problem, our plumbers returned the next day with a brand new water heater. We had specialists provide all the services for removal. Commercial water heaters can way upwards of 500 pounds! We provided maintenance plans for our Highwood, IL customer to keep their water heater in top shape! We’re always happy to find the best solutions for our customers, call Rescue Plumbing for your project (773) 799-8848!

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