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Commercial Sewer Repair | Mid-North District

Commercial Plumbing Services for Restaurants

A very popular restaurant in the Mid-North District was in need of emergency plumbing services. Due to the pandemic, the owner had to switch his services from dine-in to take-out and closing for a plumbing service was not an option. Our expert plumbers worked efficiently to get this restaurant back up and running! Sewer repair in Chicago requires a professional, the city’s Private Drain Program may allow business or homeowners to have their sewer drain tiles repaired by Chicago-licensed plumbers. Our plumbers can walk you through every step of a sewer repair!

Sewer Drain Line Back-Up

The drain line was all backing up into the business. Upon arrival, we made an attempt to power-rod the sewer open and hydro-jet the sewer but were unsuccessful.

Emergency Plumbing Services

After inspecting the plumbing issues further, Rescue Plumbing discovered that the sewer pipes had shifted and broke underground, making the sewer drains all unusable. As we continued the sewer repair, we made sure that all cooking machines were protected before we began demolition to get down to the sewer line.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

Our expert plumbers excavated down to the broken sewer line to remove it. Any grease blocking the sewer line was removed with a hydro-jet. A new section of sewer piping was installed and a clean-out access for future sewer maintenance. A video inspection was performed to ensure that there were no further plumbing issues with the sewer drains.

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