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Water Heater Repair | Mettawa Illinois

Water Heater Plumbing Services

Hot water is an important part of your home, but having too high temperature of water can be dangerous. Too hot water is caused by a malfunction in the water heater or the plumbing system, resulting in a higher temperature than normal.  This can lead to extremely hot water pouring from your faucets.

Scalding Water in Plumbing System

A homeowner in Mettawa, IL was worried that extremely hot water was coming out of their plumbing system. Scalding hot water can cause severe burns. It is important to keep the water temperature at a safe level, typically below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Rescue Plumbing provides the most efficient services in water heating and other water heater plumbing issues.

Hot Water Plumbing Service

Our plumbing experts determined that the issue was the thermostat. The thermostat in water heaters regulates the temperature of the water heater tank, if it fails to work properly or breaks, this can lead to scalding water. Because the water heater in this Mettawa home was manufactured in 2006, it was recommended to the customer to replace the entire tank.

Water Heater Replacement

The water heater was replaced with a new one, along with new water and gas valves. The lifespan of a water heater is typically 10 years. Rescue Plumbing offers 1-year warranty on parts and labor on every water heater installation. Call our friendly staff to schedule your free estimate, (773) 799-8848.

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