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Faucet Repair | Palmer Square Chicago

Plumbing Emergency in Palmer Square Requires Immediate Water Shut Off

In the late evening, Rescue Plumbing received a call from a customer in Palmer Square Chicago dealing with a leaking faucet that would not stop running. They needed a plumbing company that could arrive the same day and solve their plumbing issues, Rescue Plumbing was ready to save the day!

Faucet Constantly Running Overflows Tub

Our plumber made their way through the Chicago area to the home with all the tools needed to repair this leaking faucet. When the plumber arrived at the home he went straight to the bathroom and found the faucet running. Unable to shut the water off with the handle, the plumber decided to shut off the water to the home to properly assess the issue.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

Once the water was off, he was able to inspect the faucet thoroughly. The inspection revealed the faucet was over 70 years old! Faucets have intricate parts within which deteriorate over time. We were surprised at how long this one lasted! Due to the age of the faucet components, it needed to be replaced.

Shower Faucet Replacement

The plumber wasted no time starting the repairs. He removed the old faucet, then replaced it with a brand-new faucet. Our plumber had all the tools and parts needed to make this repair. After the faucet was installed, he turned back on the water. The new faucet was working properly. Call today to schedule your free estimate for faucet repair!

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