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Booster Pump Replacement | West Lakeview Chicago

Low Water Pressure in West Lakeview, Chicago Building

A customer near Downtown Chicago in West Lakeview called about water not reaching the upstairs units in their building. Rescue Plumbing wasted no time getting one of our plumbing contractors out to assess the issue.

Commercial Plumbing Services Needed For Little to No Water

Our plumber arrived to the free estimate ready to provide quality workmanship. After running different fixtures in the building such as faucets and showers, he noticed there was a serious water pressure issue. Little to no water was reaching the upper levels of this multi-family building.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

We had two certified plumbers diagnose this Chicago building’s plumbing needs. Low water pressure can occur for multiple reasons, from a leak to equipment failure. Our experts found that the booster pump in the basement was failing and past the point of repairs. Without a booster pump to force the water through the pipes, the water couldn’t get to the higher apartments. Booster pumps are motors that will eventually fail over time and should be serviced at least once a year.

Rescue Plumbing Installs Booster Pump

After diagnosing the plumbing issue our licensed plumbers were ready to start the repair. This customer was in need of a booster pump replacement. We removed the old booster pump from the basement and replaced it with a brand-new one. After the installation, water pressure was back to normal on every level of this West Lakeview building! Call and schedule your appointment today for booster pump repair or replacement!

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