A Message From the Owner

My name is Benjamin Vance, and I am the owner and founder of Rescue Plumbing.  I want our clients to know why we strive for Rescue Plumbing to be the best plumbing company in Chicagoland.  Simply put, it’s our family. Every employee has been to my home and met my wife and children.  I consider everyone at Rescue Plumbing to be a part of my family, and I only hire people that I trust around my family.  

“We perform plumbing services that may require our team to go inside your home. 

Every employee I send to your home has been in my home, first.”

We are a very tight-knit company;  does that mean I would send my office staff into your home? While I probably never would, interestingly, one of my office employees is now a plumbing apprentice! He started in the office and asked for more hours one day. So, I sent him into the field with a plumber, and he loved it. Can you believe that? A future plumber!  

We Built the Best Team.

Our office administration is a fantastic team, and that’s not by luck. I met our office manager at a previous employer, and learned over time how talented she was. Years later, when I started Rescue Plumbing, I knew I had to have her on my team.  So naturally, I made her an offer she could not refuse. Since then, she recruited one of her siblings who is also incredible – it must run in the family!  I employ two more fabulously talented administrators that are, coincidentally, one of my good friend’s daughters.  They work here part-time while they attend college. 

A Family with Years of Plumbing Experience

I have known nearly every plumber working here for years.  Most of them are old friends of mine I have brought into the fold.  The ones I have not, are referred by my trusted friends.  All our plumbers have extensive experience and complete a rigorous training period, learning the Rescue Plumbing methods.  They are trained on all aspects of a plumbing service call.  I am confident sending them into your home because they have already been to mine, and trained with my team.

Going Positively Above and Beyond.

I go above and beyond for my team.  As a business owner it’s my goal to keep my employees as happy and positive as possible because it is contagious.  That positivity and happiness is passed from our staff our customers. Everyone wins! I often come to the office and see staff that do not have to be there. They stay to socialize, have fun, and tell each other jokes. I love having that energy at my company!  

From Our Family to Yours.

From the first time you call until the job is finished, you are interacting with someone from the Rescue Plumbing family.  I am blessed to have found such a great group of people.  Providing services that benefit our clients is what I truly enjoy going to work for.  I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.  That is why Rescue Plumbing is the best: We are a family of great people.

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