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Catch Basin Cleaning Lincoln Park

This job was completed in the prestigious Lincoln Park Neighborhood inside of a newer building that was only a couple of years old. The architecture included a storefront and luxury condos on the upper level. Due to the building’s recent construction, the property owners never bothered to perform any preventative maintenance, an issue that should have been addressed during the sale of the building. 

We sent a plumber and helper to investigate why all the kitchen sink lines were backing up. The Rescue Team opened the catch basin and found solid grease packed all the way to the top!

A catch basin is a device that prevents stormwater from overflowing into the sewer system. When build-up occurs, plumbers must perform an unsightly catch basin cleanout to prevent an overflow. This video shows how messy it can get!

All Four Plumber Were Covered in Slithery Slimy Grease!

We spent the entire day sucking pound after pound of grease from the catch basin pit. The Rescue team tried to take pictures and videos of the team power rodding and hydro jetting the lines, but our hands were just too slimy to do so.

The grease got everywhere! The team kept telling the tenants in the condos to stop using the water, but they would not listen. Luckily, we were able to access most of the lines from the building’s vacant storefront.

In the end, all four plumbers on the jobs were covered in slithery slimy grease. It was a colossal mess, but we got through it and were able to clean out the catch basin and get the water flowing freely running again. Another successful rescue and very happy and satisfied tenants.

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