Sewer Line Repair Uptown Chicago

Sewer Repair Uptown Chicago

Sewer Repair in Uptown

Recently, we completed a sewer repair job in Uptown.  The home was near Lake Michigan, which usually means excavating can be difficult because of sand cave-ins.

Every residential plumbing job is unique, posing its own unique challenges.  While the sewer repair work for this job was routine, getting to the sewer line was more difficult than usual.

Sewer Line Repair Uptown Chicago
Digging in the cold through sandy dirt to exposed the sewer line.

Repairing the Sewer Safely

Fortunately for us, there were many trees and foliage on the property to help hold the sand together.  This drastically reduced the chance of cave-ins, and made our work much safer.

Unfortunately, the location of the sewer line on the property meant we could not use our excavator.  This meant we had to hand-dig the entire job.

The cold did not help either, but we still got the work done to expose the sewer line.

Repaired Sewer Line Uptown
Sewer cleanout installed.

Repairing the Sewer

Once we exposed the sewer line, the job was fairly straight forward.  The sewer piping was breached by tree roots, causing the obstruction in sewer flow.

We opened up the sewer piping and power rodded all the tree roots out.  Then, we camera inspected the work for completion.

Finally, we installed a full-size 6 inch clean out access for easier future maintenance.  After waiting a few days for city inspectors to approve the work, we finished the job by backfilling the excavation site.

Repaired Sewer Line
The completed repaired sewer line site.

Emergency Sewer Plumbers in Near You in Chicago

Hand digging through sandy dirt in the cold is never an easy job! But like we say, “Anything Plumbing We Can Rescue!”

No matter what kind of plumbing issues you may have in Uptown, Rescue Plumbing can help.

Rescue Plumbing provides 24 hour plumbing and sewer services. We offer free estimates Monday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm, give us a call at 773-799-8848!

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