Skokie Sewer Line Repair

Skokie IL Sewer Repair and Sewer Cleanout Installation

Repairing a Clogged Sewer Line

Recently, we had a pluming repair job in Skokie for a clogged sewer line. We try to be as minimally invasive as possible, so we started by power rodding the main line in the basement.

First, we started by locating the main sewer line in the interior of the home.

Skokie Clogged Sewer Repair
Sewer main line found inside residence in Skokie, IL.

However, we were not able to clear the clogged sewer line after several attempts at power rodding the main line.

Sewer Power Rodding and Repair

We were able to locate the section of sewer line that was causing the clog.  It was outside of the home, located in the front yard.

After locating the clogged section, it was easy to power rod the pipe and fix the actual clog.  Unfortunately, the damage had already been done, so we needed to repair the broken sewer line and make sure the owner had proper access to the line from the exterior of the home.

Skokie Sewer Line Repair
Locating the clogged sewer line. Tree roots were to blame.

The Final Sewer Cleanout Installation

In the end, we installed a new sewer cleanout on the main sewer line outside of the home.  It is crucial to have access to the sewer line for cleaning, and this home had no external access.

With a lot of trees in the area, it is almost certain that the sewer line will get damaged and clogged again.  Having this sewer cleanout access outside of the home will allow for easy future cleanouts and rodding of clogs and other obstructions.

Sewer Cleanout Installation skokie
Finished Sewer Cleanout Installation

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