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Sewer Line Repair in Boystown Chicago

Sewer line damage is something that many of us hope never happens to our homes. Unfortunately, sewer line problems are not uncommon in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago and can lead to sewage backup into your house or basement.

When this distressing event does happen, it is important you get sewer line repair service from a company with experience and expertise, who will do the job the right way.

Our Rescue plumbers saved our Boystown Chicago customer from a flooded basement with a quick and affordable sewer line repair.

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Sewer line repair is a big job and the last thing you want to do on your own

In fact, sewer line repair can be so complicated and extensive that it’s best left for those who have experience with these kinds of tasks.

Sewer line repair is difficult because sewer lines can be quite long, sometimes reaching underground for miles.

Boystown Chicago sewer systems typically have combined sewer and storm drain lines, which means many possible blockages close to your home, making it difficult for those without experience to diagnose the issue since there are so many possibilities from what could be clogging up that area.

Some common causes of a broken sewer line

Tree Roots

One of the most common sewer line problems is caused by tree roots. Roots from trees and other plants in your yard can infiltrate pipes causing all sorts of damages, including broken sewer lines, and damaged pipes.

If tree roots damage your home’s sewer lines, it can cause sewage backup into your home. To prevent sewer line damage you need to keep trees away from sewer pipes.

A root barrier can be installed at least 12 inches below ground level around the piping to protect your sewer system from invasive roots.

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Sewers can also become jammed with materials such as toilet paper, grease, surgical cotton, feminine products, and dental floss.

These kinds of items take a long time to break down, creating sticky masses that push their way back out through blockages in sewer lines causing the backups and flooding, you know all too well!

Cracked or Damaged Pipes

If your sewer system has broken or corroded pipes, it can cause wastewater to flow back into your house and onto floors and carpets. This causes a lot of damage that needs to be fixed right away!

Sewer pipe repair can be difficult since it usually requires excavation to repair cracks in the damaged pipe.

Typical symptoms of a sewer line leak

Sewer lines are typically buried underground so it can be difficult to assess damage without professional help. There are some tell-tale signs of sewer pipe damage:

  • If you have wastewater flooding through your drain pipes or fixtures such as toilets, showers, and sinks, you may have sewer damage.
  • Smelling sewage in your home can be an early indicator of a backed-up system.
  • Gurgling noises in your drains mean there may be air bubbles coming from inside the pipe which can indicate an obstruction or damage to the piping.

What is the process for getting a professional plumber on-site for your sewage pipe repair project?

In Boystown Chicago, our customer called a cleanup firm to remove all the contamination and sewage from his property, first and foremost, in order to safeguard the health of his household.

He then received quotes from multiple plumbing companies that all told him to replace his whole sewer. However, our expert knew that he needed to run a diagnosis before providing a more cost-effective quote.

Sewer line repair is a difficult and timely process. Sewage backups are not always obvious because sewer lines run under the ground. But, experienced plumbers will have the equipment and know-how to inspect, diagnose, and fix your pipes.

It is important to have sewer repairs completed by a professional, as sewer problems can lead to serious health hazards in your home.

Professional sewer pipe replacement method


Our Rescue plumber performed an in-depth sewer camera inspection to determine the cause of the backup.

During a sewer camera inspection, the plumber uses a specialized camera to pass through sewer pipes to locate any obstructions.

At the Boystown Chicago job, our Rescue plumber located not one but two areas of concern.

There was a pipe directly exiting the foundation wall which had collapsed. Additionally, in the front yard, the sewer pipe was back-pitched – a back-pitched pipe is when it slopes toward the home instead of down to the city sewer.

As a result, back-pitched pipes are more likely to cause back-ups and flooding. With the issues pinpointed, our team set out to solve the problem.

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In order to access damaged lines, it is often necessary to excavate a section of the property. Our team works diligently to ensure minimal disruption of the homeowner’s yard.

During the job in Boystown Chicago, we had to dig out a section of the walkway to expose the collapsed pipe. We also excavated a section of the front yard to fix the back-pitched piping.


Now that the pipes were accessible, our technicians began the repairs. The first step was to fix the damaged pipe leading out of the foundation. Fortunately, the repair was a simple replacement of the broken section of the pipe.

Next, we set out to correct the back-pitch of the sewer line to eliminate any risk of backups in the future.

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Our plumbers returned the customer’s yard to normal after a job well done


Our team at Rescue Plumbing is committed to saving our customers from any future problems. For our Boystown customer, our technicians installed a full-size cleanout port to allow for routine cleanings.

Regular system maintenance may help you avoid expensive repairs and save you time and money.

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To the rescue for a Boystown Chicago homeowner!

Our Boystown Chicago client was happy that Rescue Plumbing repaired his plumbing problem in a professional and cost-effective manner. Our team diligently fixed his smaller sewer issues to prevent future sewer backups in his basement. We are always happy to come to the rescue!

We have the experience and knowledge needed for all types of sewer line repairs as well as other plumbing problems.

Our friendly staff is waiting for your call today! We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate at (773) 799-8848!

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