Sewer Line Repair in Logan Square Chicago: Expert Services at Your Fingertips

If you need sewer line repair services in the Logan Square area of Chicago, you have come to the right place! Our team of experts is here to help you with your sewer pipes replacement needs. We understand that sewer line repair can be daunting, but our team is here to make it easy and stress-free for you.

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What Does a Sewer Line Do for Your Home?

A sewer system are several pipes that carry wastewater from your home to the main sewer line in the city. The main sewer pipe carries the wastewater to a treatment plant.

Sewer lines can be damaged by weather, tree roots, and other factors such as clogs. To avoid further damage, it is important to have the sewer pipes repaired as soon as possible.

Our expert plumbers can repair any sewer line damage Illinois residents might experience. Call our friendly staff today to start your repair project at (773) 799-8848!

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How Can You Tell If You Have a Blocked Sewer Line?

There are a few signs that you can look for to see if you have a blocked sewer line in your Logan Square home.

If you notice any of the following, call a sewer line repair service as soon as possible:

  • Water backing up into your home
  • Slow drains
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains
  • Terrible sewer gas smells coming from your drains
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Common Causes of Blocked Sewer Lines

Sewer lines can become blocked for a variety of reasons, like tree roots, grease buildup, construction debris, and paper product waste causes sewer blockages.

Additionally, it is possible that your toilet may be the cause of your backing up sewer lines. Paper towels, toilet paper, and foreign objects cause extensive damage to existing pipes.

It is important to conduct video inspections whenever dealing with sewer line repair or replacement. This inspection will allow the plumber to identify the root cause of blocked sewer pipes.

Our experienced plumbers have repaired sewers around the Chicago area!

Here at Rescue Plumbing, we have years of experience repairing sewer lines. We can help you with your sewer line problem. Give us a call today at 773-799-8848!

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What Are The Benefits Of Sewer Line Repair?

There are many benefits for Logan Square residents encouraging sewer line repair.

Preventative sewer maintenance is cost-effective and can save you money from costly repairs. In Logan Square, residents can save money by repairing and replacing the old cast iron pipes.

There are many benefits to sewer cleaning inspection services. Some of the benefits include:

  • Prevents further damage to your sewer pipe
  • Stops sewage from backing up into your house
  • Curbs water damage from possible basement leak
  • Fixes any damage done to your sewer line

For any sewer system problems, it is important to call as soon as possible. Our team of experts is here to help you with your sewer needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our sewer line repair services!

What Are The Different Types Of Sewer Line Repairs?

There are many different types of sewer line repair that can make repair and replacement easier.

traditional methods to repair toilet line clogs

Pipe Relining

One common type of sewer line services is pipe relining.

Pipe relining is when the sewer pipe is lined with a new pipe. This new pipe is made of PVC or another type of material that will not corrode.

When there’s minimal damage to the pipe, plumbers can fix a pipe leak using pipelining.

This method can fix a smaller section of sewer pipes. By inserting an inflatable tube covered in tough epoxy resins, the pipe is no longer damaged by coating the inside of the pipe.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is another type of sewer line repair. Traditional methods include pipe bursting.

This is a type of sewer pipe repair where a new pipe gets installed by breaking up the existing line. Then a plumber will excavate the specific section of the pipe and replace it.

Trenchless Technique

Trenchless sewer line repairs are another quality sewer repair and replacement method.

Without digging trenches in Chicago’s green spaces, the plumber can replace sewer lines. This method can reduce sewer line costs for new residents of popular cities. 

Our team of experts is always close to the Logan Square Neighborhood to help you with all your sewer and drain repair needs. Contact us today to learn more about our sewer line repair services!

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How To Prevent Sewer Line Damage

If you live in the Logan Square neighborhood, make sure you learn to prevent sewer line damage.

First, make sure your pipe is in good condition by having a professional inspect your sewer lines. If you live in an older home, consider having your sewer lines replaced.

Additionally, be mindful of what you flush down your drains. Avoid putting grease or food waste down the sink. Finally, make sure to have your sewer lines cleaned out regularly.

By taking these precautions, you can prevent sewer line problems in the future.

If you need sewer line damage repair in Logan Square Chicago, contact our experts today. We offer affordable and reliable sewer line replacement service!

Sewer Line Replacement in Logan Square Neighborhood

Our crew was able to identify the need for a sewer line replacement in Logan Boulevard. After our customer had contacted four other plumbing companies, we came to the Rescue.

With an initial sewer video inspection, our team was able to identify a big clog in the main sewer pipes.

During the initial camera inspection, the lack of footage indicated a backed-up sewer. When dealing with a clogged sewer, the camera lens cannot transmit any footage to the plumber.

Using a special location device, we located where the sewer obstruction began.

After that, we began the sewer pipe replacement. We cleared out the sewer and repaired the pipes as needed. We had to do extensive cast iron and copper re-piping to correct the sewer issue.

Since there were tenants without water drainage, we had to work quickly. For all your sewer pipe replacement needs don’t hesitate to call us today at 773-799-8848!


Signs of broken sewer pipes is repeated reoccurring sewer backs. Rescue Plumbing performs hundreds of sewer pipe cleanings every month. There are customers of ours that will refuse a sewer camera inspection to locate and identify a reoccurring sewer pipe back up issue. These customers are in denial until sewage touches their lives then they hire us to perform a sewer camera inspection where we usually will discover a broken sewer pipe.

The way to fix a broken sewer pipe is to excavate down to the sewer pipe, remove the section of broken sewer pipe, and install a section of new sewer pipe. There are people who might try to line a broken sewer pipe but do not listen to them. Sewer pipe lining would be good only for a situation like a good clay sewer where the joints have eroded away allowing root infiltration. Pipe lining would stop the roots from getting in a good clay sewer.

The way you fix the roots in your sewer line is by cutting them out. The way to cut the roots out of your sewer line is to use a main sewer line drain cleaning machine. Every Plumber at Rescue Plumbing has a main sewer drain line cleaning machine always with them. Rescue Plumbers never leave home without it. Call us today to schedule a free estimate to fix the roots in your sewer line for you.

Let Us Rescue You!

If you need sewer lines services in Logan Square Chicago, contact our experts at (773) 799-8848. We offer affordable and reliable repair services that will get your sewer lines back up and running!

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