Sewer Line Cleaning and Replacement in Portage Park, Chicago

It is not uncommon for people to have sewage back up in their home or business that needs sewer line repair. Sewer back-ups can be quite the headache, as they can disrupt the plumbing system of your home.

Experiencing a sewer backup can make you feel frantic. Especially, when the backup seems to never stop and you need help right away!

However, our plumbers are experienced and knowledgeable about all types of repairs related to sewers. We will be able to be on-site and will take the safety and sanitary precautions necessary.

Rescue Plumbing was able to come to the rescue at a home in the Portage Park Neighborhood of Chicago. 

pipe damage, water leak

Portage Park, Chicago Sewer Back-Up

Chicago main sewer back-up

The customer called informing us that water and sewage were backing up from drain pipes. Our plumber arrived on-site immediately.

The customer did not understand why water and sewage were coming up from their pipes. They mentioned they had heard gurgling noises in the drains but thought it was normal.

It was not a big issue until they began to smell sewer more strongly over time. Their concern grew but did not act on it right away. Eventually, the problem became unavoidable.

Power rodding pipes

To relieve the blockage, our plumber attempted to power rod the drain line. This is the first step in efforts to remove blockages in the pipes of a drain.

The service technician had to be cautious because, if not done properly, the power rodder can break the pipes. This is why you should always contact professionals for plumbing needs.

The plumber repeated this process several times, but could not successfully remove the blockage from the pipes. This was an indication of the broken sewer clog.

pipe clogs and damage to pipe lining

Sewer camera inspection

To find the exact location of the broken sewer pipe, our plumber performed a camera inspection.

A sewer camera is a very expensive fiber optic cable with a camera at one end and a protective coating that can withstand multiple trips into the pipes.

The cameras used measured about 200 feet long. The sewer camera was able to pinpoint the exact location of the clog in the sewer pipe.

IL homeowner deals with house damage

Sewer Repair, Portage Park

Sewer line repair

The broken sewer line was found in the basement ground of the customer’s Chicago home. Broken sewers are not always visible or accessible.

This would require the property to be excavated. As soon as we got approval from the customer to repair the sewer line, our plumber began opening the basement ground of the property.

clogs, water leaks in IL house

The root of the problem

Once the basement was excavated, the broken sewer line was now visible and accessible. The root cause of the broken line was clear: tree roots infesting the sewer pipe to the point of breakage.

Tree root infestation is sometimes unavoidable and happens because there are nearby trees.

The broken pieces of the sewer line were removed. Thereafter the plumber proceeded to unclog the sewer line by removing the tree roots and built-up sewage.

The tree roots had prevented toilet paper, wipes, and human waste among other materials from flowing with ease in the pipes.

After the obstructions were cleared, the plumber replaced the sewer line with new piping and ensured it was installed properly to avoid future blockages and restore the water and sewage flow.

IL resident deals with plumbing problem

Chicago plumber to the rescue!

With the plumbing repairs being completed the basement excavation was backfilled. The water flow of the customer’s drains was restored.

The customer could now rest assured they would no longer experience extreme backups or any other potential water damage.

Read more to learn why sewer repairs are quite common and how you can prevent them.

Common Causes Of Broken Sewer

Oftentimes, homeowners are not aware that their sewer lines need maintenance until it is too late.

However, to better prevent the need for a sewer repair you must understand what causes a sewer line to break in the first place.

water leaks, pipe damage

Tree roots

While unexpected to most of our customers, tree roots are one of the most common problems plaguing sewers.

Roots that grow deep underground seek the nutrient-filled fluid in your sewer pipes. They extend themselves as much as they can to absorb all nutrients and block your sewer pipe.

The roots inside the pipe continue to grow and stretch deeper into the line. This stops sewage from flowing properly and creates blockages.

This build-up over time will place tension on the sewer line. Eventually, the line will no longer be able the sustain the clog, and it will break.

The breakage will further disrupt the flow of waste from the drains of a home.

pipe damage causes water leak

Heavy rain

Although heavy rain can lead to a variety of problems, some homes are more vulnerable than others. The heavy water flow from rain can lead to a drastic accumulation of debris in a sewer line.

If enough waste is accumulated, the clog can disrupt the flow of your drains and create water damage to your home.

Like tree roots, the increase of debris and heavy water flow from the rain can increase the pressure of the sewage system.

Until the line can no longer take the excessive water pressure, it will break or clog. Once broken, the blockage will continue and not be resolved until the sewer pipes are replaced or repaired.

Cleaning the area with paper towels

The Importance of Sewer Line Cleaning And Replacement

Avoid the trouble

Now that you are aware of what causes a sewer line to break, you can go a step further and understand the importance of maintenance.

This will help save you from plumbing emergencies and from large repair costs.

Conduct periodic inspections

While conducting periodic inspections, you can identify potential problem areas and take the appropriate steps to address them.

Rescue plumbing always recommends performing periodic maintenance checks of sewer lines in your home once a year or more often if there is reason to believe they have been damaged.

We recommend taking immediate action if there is any of the following found near your sewer:

Foul odors

Sewer odors from an overloaded sewage system are the most common indication of a problem with your sewer system and can be caused by sewage backup, lack of ventilation, or sewer gas.

Oftentimes, customers believe the smell is normal, but if the smell gets larger and is more evident throughout your home, you must take immediate action.

Slow drains

Sewer backups are commonly caused by clogs, overloading your system with too much liquid, or flushing things that exceed the capacity of your main drain line.

If your drains remain clogged after continuous efforts to unclog them, the problem might be a broken sewer.

pipe lining leaks

Why You Shouldn’t DIY or Hire Someone Without Experience to Perform Your Sewer Line Repair 

While you may have learned a lot from reading about the Portage Park customer’s experience, it is important to not attempt this type of plumbing work on your own.

Avoid further complications like water damage by using a professional instead. A plumber will know what to do!

Plumbing work can be complicated and require a lot of experience, especially when it comes to repairing sewer lines.

Our Rescue Plumbers will have the tools necessary for locating the problem quickly and efficiently. Rescue Plumbing is licensed by the City of Chicago, bonded, and is insured.

We have the credentials to back our quality service. Our Plumbers will be ready to offer satisfactory service!

sewer systems, Rescue Plumbing, Portage Park, Chicago

We Always Come to the Rescue!

We are equipped for all typed of problems!

Rescue Plumbing has completed many sewer line replacements in Portage Park Chicago and other neighborhoods across the city.

We are experienced with all types of sewer line repairs as well as other plumbing problems. Our plumbers will solve the problem without going through extra steps that may take days or even weeks.

In addition, we use the latest technology to locate problems in sewer lines such as sewer cameras and transmitting location devices among other helpful tools.

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