Garage Sewer Clean Out in Lincoln Park

A sewer cleanout is essential to the plumbing system inside any home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Most homeowners should know if their sewer cleanouts are functioning properly. By understanding the maintenance of a sewer line, you can prevent major sewer line problems.

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What is a Sewer Cleanout?

A drain cleanout prevents unnecessary damage to yourLincoln park home since it allows plumbers to easily access your pipes to clear clogs.

A sewer cleanout is a plastic pipe that connects to the main sewer line. It enables easy access to the sewage system for maintenance and repairs.

Plumbing companies can get into your sewer system easier if there is a sewer cleanout installed in your Lincoln park home.

Locating a Sewer Cleanout

For most homes, your sewer cleanout is between your home and the location of the municipal sewer system or septic tank.

Most sewer cleanouts have a plastic cap covering that makes them easy to locate in your yard.

Your outdoor drain cleanout located near the lateral sewer line is typical. This pipe connects your private sewer system to the public sewer system. Drain cleanouts located inside are typically in basements or bathrooms near the main sewer line inside.

Sewer cleanout are important

Importance of Sewer Cleanouts

If your Lincoln Park home does not have a sewer cleanout, it is important to have one installed as soon as possible.

Any clogs in your septic system or drainage pipes can cause sewage water to seep into your home.

Avoid such a terrible thing by having sewer cleanouts installed on your main sewage line.

Without one, plumbers will dig up trenches in your yard to access the sewer line for cleaning and repairs.

This can result in costly damage and inconvenience for homeowners. Only plumbing professionals should install a sewer cleanout to ensure it is up to code.

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What Causes a Sewer Line to Back Up?

The most common type of sewer backup is from clogged pipes. Blockages are a result of fat or oil buildup, food particles, or too many paper towels.

Ultimately, sewer backups are caused by some sort of obstruction like tree roots, debris, or even full capacity.

To The Rescue: A Flood Near Lincoln Park Zoo!

The Rescue Plumbing team received a call to do a sewer cleanout installation job in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Finding The Source of The Problem

This was a difficult job due to the position of the main overhead sewer being next to the water heater.

The Rescue team launched a sewer camera inspection to locate the broken pipeline. The broken sewer line was in the garage.

The plumbers then went to the garage and located the sewer line. That section of the pipe had collapsed in on itself. This is common when there are tree roots growing into the pipe.

Pipe burst ruin home owner upcoming events

Our Experts Fix Main Sewer Line

The Rescue team had to saw the concrete in the garage. The team dug 6 feet down into the ground to fix the broken sewer line.

Our expert plumbers proceeded to use the hydro jetting technique to clean the sewer. Inside the clogged pipe, our team discovered a large amount of baby wipes.

The plumbers then proceeded to hydro jet the sewer clean of all the obstructions. The plumbers removed all left-over sludge and grease!

Once done, we installed a full-size 6-inch clean-out for a direct access point in the garage. We made sure to install extra cleanouts so that it is easy to clear clogs in the future.

Any future sewer line backups can now get accessed through the garage.

Pipe burst near north avenue

Rescue Plumbing Saves the Day!

Our expert plumbers completed their services by installing multiple sewer cleanouts. These access points to be easily accessible in case of future problems

We solved the problem and set up our customer for future plumbing maintenance!

If there is ever a problem, you can count on Rescue Plumbing to solve any of your plumbing problems!

Rescue Plumbing provides 24 hour plumbing and sewer services. Free estimates are offered Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Contact us for a free estimate for your sewer maintenance at (773) 799-8848.

Rescue Plumbing saves the day


The most common problem with older homes is damage from tree roots that have invaded pipes. Nature, digging too close to the pipe, and deterioration of the pipes over time can cause damage too.

The best course of action for a homeowner is to call Rescue Plumbing right away. We can send out a licensed plumber to assess the problem. If there are any damages or issues that need attention, they will walk you through the process.

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