Garage Sewer Clean Out in Lincoln Park

A sewer clean out is a pipe that connects to the main sewer line and allows for access in case of an emergency. The plumber will be able to get into your sewer line if you have a clog, without having to dig up the entire trench.

This is important because it prevents unnecessary damage to your property while still providing you with a quick fix for any problems.

This however was not the case for our customer, which had the main overhead sewer located in the basement right next to the water heater!

Main Overhead Sewer Next to a Water Heater!

This was a difficult job due to the position of the main overhead sewer. The Rescue team launched a sewer camera to locate the broken pipeline and eventually led us to the garage. 

The plumbers then went to the garage and located the sewer line.

It was determined that a section of pipe had collapsed in on itself, which is common when there are roots growing into it from above ground or animals digging through it below ground.

Time to Saw the Concrete and Dig!

The Rescue team was forced to saw the concrete in the garage and dig about 6 feet down to fix the broken sewer line. 

Our expert plumbers then proceeded to power rodd the sewer only to find a bunch of baby wipes inside of the sewer. 

This presents a serious problem because it means that the sewer line is clogged with baby wipes and this will not be an easy job.

The plumbers then proceeded to hydro jet the drain pipe (a.k.a “jett”), which cut through all of the obstructions in the way, and remove all left-over sludge and grease! 

Once this was done we installed a full-size 6 inch clean out for future access in the garage. That means no plumber ever has to go and dirty the inside of that beautiful home ever again.

Any future sewer line backups can now be accessed through the garage.

Rescue Plumbing to the Rescue!

In conclusion, our expert plumbers completed their services by installing a cleanout access point to be easily accessible in case of future problems.

We solved the problem all while maintaining the future integrity of our customer.

If there is ever a problem, you can count on Rescue Plumbing to fly to the Rescue!

The Rescue team is a great resource for any plumbing needs that you might have!

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Sewer Repair FAQ’s

By understanding a few basic facts about your sewer line and maintenance, you will be better equipped to prevent a major sewer line problem.

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