Plumber Repairing Toilet Flange

Toilet Flange Replacement in Lincoln Park

Leaking Toilets in Lincoln Park

Toilet leaks can come from a number of different places. When a customer calls and says their toilet is leaking, we have to be prepared for anything.  It could be a clog in the line, a cracked toilet, or any of a dozen other things.

Recently, we took a leaky toilet repair job in Lincoln Park, Chicago.  It was a residential plumbing job, where the base of the toilet was leaking onto the floor.

Toilet Flange Repair

After removing the toilet from the bathroom floor, our plumber noticed the toilet flange was completely corroded and had to be changed.

Plumber Repairing Toilet Flange
Inspecting a corroded toilet flange.

We carefully removed all of the lead and surrounding concrete to remove the damaged flange.  It’s critical to be thorough while doing this so the new flange fits correctly, and there is no debris left that could damage the pipe or flange.

Removed Toilet Flange
Removing the corroded flange, surrounding concrete and lead.

Residential Plumbing in Lincoln Park Chicago

In the end, we replaced the old flange with a new, cast iron toilet flange.  After installing and levelling, we were able to put the toilet back, and fixed the leak a the base of the toilet.

Toilet Flange Replacement
Completed Toilet Flange Replacement in Lincoln Park Chicago

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