Toilet Flange Replacement Magnolia Glen Chicago

Toilet Flange Replacement | Magnolia Glen Chicago

Broken Toilet Flange Leaks In Magnolia Glen Bathroom

Water on the bathroom floor is never a good sign! Our experienced plumbers in Chicago have diagnosed problems from toilet flange damage, sink clogs, and even tub trouble. No matter the problem, our team can quickly repair your bathroom plumbing problem.

Water Leaking on a Bathroom Floor

During a construction project, a company called Rescue Plumbing because there was water leaking on the bathroom floor. The property owners were set to move in the next day and they needs expert plumbers fast!

Old PVC Flange Failed

Our local plumber responded to the job on the same day! He discovered the old flange and wax seal was failing. Toilet flanges can fail over time and need replacement services. Luckily, our local plumber always keeps a replacement flange with them!

Replacing the Old Toilet Flange

To replace a toilet flange, you have to remove the toilet from the base. Our plumbers are trained to carefully complete this work for property owners around Chicago. The plumber replaced the PVC flange with a cast-iron toilet flange which lasts longer. The construction company was thankful for our help and the homeowner was able to move in the next day!

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