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Toilet Clog | Arlington Heights Illinois

Rescue Plumbing Services Toilet Clog in Arlington Heights

In Arlington Heights, Il, our licensed plumbers provided reliable service to repair a clogged toilet. A clog can occur for many reasons, some require a simple fix while others could be a more serious issue and even a plumbing emergency!

Clogged Toilet Backing Up

A customer called in need of plumbing services – their master bathroom toilet was clogged. The clog wasn’t the only issue, they also noticed when the bathroom sink was in use the toilet would back up! We sent our plumber the same day to repair the plumbing problems.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

Our local plumber arrived at the Arlington Heights, Il home and began to run different tests to locate the plumbing issues. The plumber wanted to make sure the issue was only in the toilet drain and not the sewer drain or shower drain. After a diagnostic of the sewer system and drainage system, our plumbing professionals found the issue was only in the toilet drain.

Drain Cleaning Service

After locating the problem our experts started the plumbing repair. Our plumber removed the toilet to gain access to the backed-up drain. Then used a high-powered drain machine to clear the blockage. Once the line was clear the plumber reinstalled the toilet. Our Arlington Heights customer was happy to find the #1 reliable plumbing company!

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