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Toilet Clog | Belmont Gardens Chicago

Backed-Up Sewer Line Causes Clogged Toilet in Belmont Gardens Neighborhood

Our licensed expert arrived at a home in Belmont Gardens, Chicago to provide an estimate for a clogged toilet. After providing quality workmanship we found that the issue was not in the toilet but located in the sewer line. Our team realized this was a bigger project than just repair to a clogged toilet.

Clogged Toilet Leads to Bigger Issue

A customer called about a clogged toilet overflowing onto their bathroom floor. Our plumbers arrived to the property and immediately began to service the toilet. After removing the toilet, we found that the issue was actually in the sewer line!

Camera Inspection of Sewer Line to Diagnosis the Problem

Our licensed expert provided plumbing services to the sewer line by rodding the line to clear the blockage. After rodding the line, we performed a camera inspection to search the sewer for any additional problems. The plumber found a piece of rebar in the sewer line, which was causing the sewer backup. The camera made contact with the rebar. Then the camera inspection tool sends a message to our computer which allows us to locate exactly where to repair it.

Plumbing Services Completed to Repair the Clog

Our plumber removed a section of the sewer line to dislodge the rebar. We also installed a new toilet flange since the original was damaged by the clog. Our team explained each issue that arose and the price, so there were no hidden fees for the customer. Whether you’re in Belmont Gardens or any neighborhood in Chicago, sewer repairs are bound to happen. Our licensed experts are ready to fix your clog today!

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