mud coming from broken drains

Sewer Camera Inspection in Chicago Belmont Cragin Locates a Broken Pipe

The idea of your home’s wastewater system backing up and flooding is horrifying. But what can you do to prevent it? A sewer camera inspection can save your home from a backup. It will catch any potential problems before they turn into a plumbing disaster.

If you’re experiencing sewage backups, it’s essential to call a professional immediately. Rescue Plumbing is ready to conduct a sewer camera inspection and locate the problem. Read more to see how we used our sewer camera equipment to save this customer.

What Is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is a camera that a plumber inserts into sewer lines. The camera will help the plumber examine the condition of the piping. This is also known as a sewer scope.

A sewer inspection camera is often used to find problems such as blockages, cracks, or leaks. Keep on reading to learn more about the process of a camera inspection.

Sewer cameras used for an inspection service

How Does a Sewer Scope Inspection Work?

A sewer camera inspection uses a camera mounted on a flexible heavy-duty fiber optic cable. It will inspect the inside of the sewer lines. The plumber will insert the camera at the ground level with no need to dig to access the pipes. The camera will go through the drain taking video of the condition of the drain. The camera sends back live video footage of the sewer lines. The plumber uses this footage to identify any issues or problems with the sewer line.

contractors use sewer cameras monitors sewer

The plumber will check the footage in search of a significant amount of debris. This will show they have reached the drain problem. A sewer scope inspection can be helpful in determining the best course of action.

Once the plumber fixes the clog or pipe collapse they will run a final inspection. This is to make sure they didn’t miss any problem areas.

Rescue Plumbing gives our customers the video from the inspection for future reference. Video inspections are extremely helpful. Make sure to give rescue plumbing a call to schedule your inspection today!

Benefits of Video Inspection

Plumbing systems like the sewer are important. It’s important to ensure the house sewer is functioning properly to avoid sewer backups that will lead to health hazards in your home. A video inspection is a great way of inspecting your drain lines to avoid health hazards like raw sewage.

Sewer inspections are a way to see what is happening inside of the sewer pipes. There are many reasons why your pipes collapse or clog. An inspection is helpful because it can show the conditions of the inside of your sewer pipe.

Inspection of sewers in basement ground

Additionally, a sewer video inspection can help give an accurate diagnosis. This is important because it can help to determine the best course of action for fixing a drain problem. With a video inspection, you can see exactly what is wrong with your pipes and get an idea of the cost of repairs. Then you can make decisions about how to proceed with fixing the issue.

In other cases, like for insurance purposes, it may be necessary to have a video inspection. For this reason, Rescue Plumbing always gives a copy to the homeowners.

Sewer cameras inspect drainage

Sewer Camera Inspection Finds Plumbing Problems

As mentioned, sewer inspections can help find the causes of any sewer problem you may have. Some of the causes include tree roots growing into the pipe and causing damage or clogs.

In other cases, you may have a build-up of sediment or other materials that can cause blockages. A sewer camera will be able to identify the exact location of this blockage.

Both tree roots and blockages can become very invasive. They can get to the point of cracking or splitting the sewer line. The pipe can also collapse due to age or corrosion, especially if made out of clay.

Our expert plumbers have experience inspecting sewers across the Chicagoland area. We recently saved a Belmont Cragin homeowner from sewer backup! Call our staff today to inspect your home’s drains.

mud coming from broken drains

Camera Sewer Inspection in Chicago Belmont Cragin

We completed this job in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood of Chicago. 

Drain Lines Backing Up

We provided service in this house about two months ago. They had been experiencing slow drains and sewer backup issues. The customer had told us this had happened recently before. We power rodded the sewer lines relieving the blockage. We did not stop there and performed a sewer line video inspection.

sewer cameras found visible cracks in sewer lines

Sewer Line Video Inspection

Unlike other plumbing companies, we conducted an in-depth sewer line video inspection. We discovered the underlying issue of the reoccurring sewage backups. The camera inspection revealed a broken sewer pipe. The pipe broke at the 90-degree clay fitting at the base of the sewer stack. This damage called for an immediate sewer repair.

Sewer cameras search for signs of damage

Repairs For the Sewer Lines

Dirt was getting into the pipe causing blockages in the sewer line. This allowed for sewage to back up in the basement on many occasions. These issues did not stop until we repaired the sewer line.

Our plumbers provided a quote for the repair job and explained the problem to the homeowner. The homeowner decided to use our services and we repaired their pipe in no time! They won’t have to worry about sewage backups in the future!

Experiencing sewage backups is the worst. Do not panic. Rescue Plumbing offers in-depth services. We will provide the best solution to your plumbing problems.

Plumbers find solutions for repairs


What you should expect from a sewer camera inspection is a copy of the sewer camera video, the plumber makes when performing the sewer camera Inspection. The plumber should also attempt to locate any problem areas discovered with the sewer camera to come up with a plan of action if repairs are needed.

Starting price to snake a drain with a camera would be $349.00. Rescue Plumbing provides 24 hour plumbing and sewer services. Free estimates are offered Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

A sewer camera is called a sewer camera. There are two parts to a sewer camera: the fiber optic cable with the camera head that is called a reel and the monitor.

A snake camera costs about $21,000.00. Here at Rescue Plumbing, we use Rigid sewer cameras that cost about 21,000 each, which does not include any accessories like the locator which would be an additional 2000. Sewer camera systems are expensive and we are limited to only one company in the Chicagoland area that can repair them Alan J Coleman They are expensive but do good work.

The Best Plumbing Company!

A sewer camera inspection is a great way to see what’s going on inside your sewer lines. In need of an inspection service? Contact the professionals at Rescue Plumbing. They’ll help you get to the bottom of whatever might be causing problems with your plumbing. Thanks for reading!

We service a majority of Chicago neighborhoods. From the north side to the city to the south and even west we’ll be there in no time. You can reach us at (773) 799-8848.

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