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Toilet Install | Elmhurst Illinois

Toilet Repair Services

Rescue Plumbing provides same-day service for toilet repairs because we know how frustrating a broken toilet can be! We understand how important a running toilet is, our Elmhurst, IL plumbers are happy to repair or replace any type of toilet. Our licensed plumbers arrive to every job with a fully-stocked van with a wide array of toilet parts.

Professional Toilet Installation

We recommend against attempting to install a toilet without a professional. The risks of incorrect toilet installation can be costly and dangerous, varying from water leaks and plumbing issues to potential damage to plumbing fixtures. To ensure a safe and timely installation, it is always best for a professional plumber to install plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing Issues

A new bidet for the toilet was bought by the customer, who tried to install it themselves. The metal supply line bent during their installation which caused a leak. A toilet supply line is a pipe that connects a water supply to your toilet. It supplies the necessary water for flushing and refilling the tank after each flush.

Toilet Repair Plumbing Services

Our Elmhurst, IL plumbers removed the old supply line and connected a new flexible supply line. Then they installed the adapter for the bidet and tested it to make sure everything was working for the customer. Whether your plumbing needs are installation of a new toilet or experiencing any toilet problems, our professionals are here to help!

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