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Toilet Leak Repair | Oak Brook Illinois

Leak Plumbing Emergency

It is important to inspect your home for leaks on a regular basis. The source of a leak could be hidden behind walls or in your home’s plumbing systems. These hidden leaks can cause more plumbing issues and property damage that requires costly repairs. Rescue Plumbing offers 24 hour emergency plumbing services and can perform a professional leak detection to ensure that there are no hidden leaks in your home.

Water Leaks in Ceiling

Our Oak Brook plumber was dispatched to find the cause of a continuing leak in the ceiling in the first floor of an Oak Brook home. A small water leak in the ceiling can quickly become a big issue if left unaddressed. Even a single drop of water on your ceiling can result in serious water damage over time, ranging from peeling paint to mold growth and even structural damage.

Old Toilet Wax Seal Caused Leaks

Directly above the first floor from the leak was the second floor bathroom. Our plumbers discovered that the wax seal of the toilet needed to be replaced. Over time, the wax seal of a toilet can deteriorate, it can become brittle and crack, causing water to seep through and leak onto the floor. 

Toilet Repair Plumbing Services

To ensure the toilet was properly installed, our professional plumbers replaced the old toilet and other parts that were becoming brittle and falling apart. This included swapping out an old wax seal for one more reliable and secure along with changing supply lines and tank-to-bowl fixtures. Rescue Plumbing is available for all your plumbing needs in Oak Brook, IL!

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