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Ejector Pump Replacement | Libertyville Illinois

Flooded Basement in Libertyville, Il Needs Plumbing Services

A Libertyville, Il customer was in need of a plumbing company when their basement flooded. Our expertly trained plumbers arrived with all the plumbing equipment needed to find the source of the water leak and repair it.

Flood in Garden Unit Causes Water Damage

After receiving an emergency call, our fully licensed plumbers arrived at a Libertyville, Il home the same day to offer our repair services. Upon arrival, our team found wet walls and floors in the basement. Before further damage could occur, our experts knew they needed to find the plumbing issue.

Ejector Pump Diagnosis

Basement floods can occur for many reasons like sump pumps, burst pipes, or sewer line issues. After diagnostics, our team found that the ejector pump was no longer working. The customer informed us that this has happened before. Our team knew they need to do a further inspection to get to the source of why the ejector pump stopped working. The inspection showed that the electrical socket used for the pump was faulty and the pit was leaking.

Ejector Pump Replacement

After finding the issue, the plumbers started repairs to get the basement dry again. First, we removed the old faulty ejector pump and replaced it with a brand-new one. Ran tests to ensure the pump was working properly. After the test, we sealed the pit of the ejector pump. As for the faulty socket, the customer needed to call an electrical to make repairs. Our team provided quality work to repair all plumbing issues in this home!

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