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Flood Control Installation | Lake Barrington Illinois

Plumbing Emergency In Lake Barrington Illinois After Heavy Rainfall

One afternoon the Lake Barrington, Il area was hit with heavy rainfall, backing up a homeowner’s plumbing system. Soon the basement started to flood causing a major plumbing problem, they needed Rescue Plumbing’s services immediately!

Lake Barrington, Il Home Experiences Basement Flood

Our licensed plumber made their way to the service call in fully stocked trucks equipped to handle any plumbing issues in a timely fashion. The plumber quickly started the inspection of the plumbing system, they found a buried catch basin.

Rescue Plumbing Services Flood Control Systems

This Lake Barrington home needed more than a drain cleaning, it was time to repair the flood control systems to prevent future floods. The buried catch basin was not functioning properly causing rainwater to enter the home during heavy rains. On top of the catch basin issue, there were no working flood control systems in the home like a sump pump or backflow valve.

New Flood Control Installation to Plumbing System

Our team quickly began repairs to prevent any floods from occurring in this Barrington, Il home. Our plumbing services were needed to install a new flood control. First, our professionals excavated down to the catch basin, then made all the necessary repairs to ensure it was operating properly. No more flooded basements for this Lake Barrington homeowner! For professional service schedule your free estimate today at (773) 799-8848!

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