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Flood Control System | Lake Zurich Illinois

Flood Control Installation Needed to Prevent Floods

A homeowner in Lake Zurich noticed during heavy rain their home constantly flooded. The customer believed they needed a routine sump pump servicing to repair the issue. Our experienced experts arrived and discovered a different plumbing problem.

Lake Zurich, Il Home Floods During Heavy Rains

The technicians arrived at the home the same day to inspect the primary sump pump and the backup sump pump. Neither was the cause of the issue, both sump pumps were running as designed. After a further diagnostic, our team found that the home constantly flooded during heavy rain.

Plumbing System Diagnostics

After every storm, the basement constantly flooded leaving the sump pump and backup sump pump overwhelmed. Upon arrival, they discovered a basement waterproofing had also been installed in the home because of floods, but the homeowner was looking for a permanent solution. A basement flood protector was needed in the home to prevent future floods from occurring again.

Basement Flood Protector Installation

Our professional plumbers quickly went to work to install a flood control system for the homeowners. There are three types of flood control systems, our plumbers choose the best one for these homeowners. First, an exterior drain tile system was created. After the interior drain system was designed. The final step was installing a catch basin, which is an important factor in stormwater drainage systems. Our team provided the highest quality service to the homeowner to prevent rainwater from entering their home again.

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