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Sump Pump Repair | Morton Grove Illinois

Sump Pump Repair Service Needed In a Morton Grove Home

After a rain downpour in Morton Grove, IL, one homeowner heard water coming into their home. To discover the location of the leak and begin the needed repair, the homeowner called Rescue Plumbing to save the day!

Morton Grove Home Experiences Water Seepage From Basement Walls

Rescue Plumbing experts were called to a Morton Grove home for an emergency call. Our plumbers arrived the same day to resolve their plumbing needs. Our team made their way to the basement to find water seepage in the walls. After further inspection, our local plumbers found the cause was a malfunction with the sump pump. Sump pumps should turn on when water is present but unfortunately, the sump pump was not removing the rainwater.

Sump Pump System Diagnosis

The sump pump problems were caused by the discharge pipe. This home’s sump pump discharge pipe was located outside of the Morton Grove, IL home, discharging into their neighbor’s yard and back into their home. The water was being discharged so close to the property’s seepage tile system, the water was recirculating into the home.

Sump Pump Repair Services

Our plumbers fix sump pumps often and knew exactly to handle this Morton Grove customer’s sump pump repair needs. The Rescue Plumbing team redirected the route of the water discharge, moving it further away from their property and their neighbors. A test of the sump pump unit was performed by our sump pump repair experts to ensure the system was working properly. The sump pump system was running smoothly! Call us today to schedule your sump pump repair at (773)799-8848!

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