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Gas Leak Repair | North Mayfair Chicago

Homeowner Suspects Gas Leak in Home

Many people don’t know this, but plumbers can detect and repair gas leaks. Gas leaks give off the smell of rotten eggs, they are toxic and can lead to sickness and fire, so it’s important that they are given same-day attention. Even a small gas leak can pose a significant risk, and the safety of Rescue Plumbing’s customers is a priority! This repair in North Chicago serves as just one example.

Leak in Gas Line Not Immediately Easy to Detect

In this case, the customer called to report a natural gas smell near his fireplace. Upon immediate external inspection, no leaks were found. However, it was clear that there was a problem, so it was up to our expert plumber to dig deeper and find the source of the gas leak!

Gas Leaks Detected Near Fireplace

At the homeowner’s request, we went ahead and cut the drywall to access the pipes inside the wall. Our inspection revealed two gas leaks from the gas line behind the fireplace. Our professional plumbers have the expertise to handle any type of plumbing repair!

Expert Gas Leak Repair Leads to Peace of Mind

Rescue Plumbing accessed the gas shut off and installed new pipes to contain the gas. After these professional repairs were made, the new pipe was tested for leaks and none were detected. This North Chicago home was now safe and the owner’s peace of mind restored!

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, exposing you and your family to serious health hazards and the potential for a fire. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, it’s crucial that you take immediate action.

Our team of expert plumbers is well-equipped to handle gas leak repairs as part of our comprehensive plumbing services. In many cases, there’s no need to involve the gas company when we detect natural gas – we have you covered with our efficient and reliable gas leak repair services!

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