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Gas Leak Repair | Berwyn Illinois

Berwyn, Illinois Home Requires Gas Line Repair

Rescue Plumbing’s services were needed on a cold evening in Berwyn, Il when a homeowner called about their gas being shut off due to leaks in the line. With their gas being shut off, there was no heat in the home, and they needed our experts fast!

Gas Company Shuts Off Gas to Home After Detecting Leak

Our office staff received an urgent call from a Berwyn, Il homeowner after their gas was shut off. The gas company had been out earlier and found there was a leak in the gas line. The gas company informed the homeowners that they needed to call a licensed plumber to repair the gas leak. After gathering all the information our staff quickly sent our experts to begin and start plumbing repairs.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

Our licensed plumber arrived ready to offer our plumbing services to repair the gas leak. The plumber started diagnostics of the gas line by performing a pressure test, by using an air compressor. After the test, our team found not one small gas leak, but 4 leaks in the gas line! After locating each gas leak, it was time to start repairs.

Rescue Plumbing Services Gas Line

Our team performed a gas line repair to get rid of all 4 leaks. Next, a 5-minute pressure test was performed to ensure there wasn’t a single gas leak. After confirming the line was clear of all leaks, our team turned the heat back for our Berwyn, Il customers. Schedule your appointment for gas line repair today, call us at (773) 799-8848!

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