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Gas Leak Repair | Dunning Chicago

Gas Leak Detection Leads to Leak Repairs in Dunning, Chicago

Rescue Plumbing was called to a Dunning home after a gas leak was found. Our team acted swiftly to repair the leak and all issues found with the gas line.

Gas Company Shuts Off Gas to Dunning Home

A Dunning resident found themselves in a predicament, there was a gas smell in their home. Unsure of where the smell was coming from, possibly the sewer line or gas pipes, they knew they needed to act fast. First, they called the local gas company to help with the gas leak detection. The gas company used a gas leak detector and found a small gas leak past the meter. They told them to call a plumbing company. The homeowner immediately called the experts at Rescue Plumbing.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

At Rescue Plumbing, we understand how important a gas leak is. Our team arrived same-day to rescue this Dunning family. After running our own tests on all the gas appliances, our team found the leaks were coming from the gas line to the water heater. The gas leaks were caused by aging pipes and a very old shut-off valve that needed to be replaced.

Rescue Plumbing Gas Line Repair Service

After locating the leak through gas leak detection our plumber quickly went to work. We are no strangers to gas leak repair, our team knew exactly what to do. First, replace aging pipes to prevent gas from getting through any pipes. Next, we removed the old gas shut-off valve and replaced it with a new shut-off valve. Lastly, we ran tests to detect leaks in the line – none were found! Gas leaks are emergency services and if not handled could be an immediate safety threat. Call and schedule your free estimate to fix your gas leaks today!

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