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Gas Leak Repair | Budlong Woods Chicago

Gas Line Repair

Smelling gas in your home is always alarming. Gas leaks are a plumbing emergency that must be taken seriously. Breathing gas is damaging to your health and extremely combustible. If you suspect gas lines are damaged call a professional in Chicago, IL right away!

Gas Line Problem in Budlong Woods

Our customer in the Budlong Woods community called during a renovation that damaged their gas line. Our expert plumbers know any time there is gas involved, you need to quickly repair the problem!

Emergency Plumbers Provide Free Estimate

Our emergency plumber arrived in the Budlong Woods neighborhood ready to address any of our customer’s plumbing needs. The plumber quickly turned off the gas supply at the source to safely service the gas lines. After ensuring safety, the plumber started the gas line repair.

Reroute Gas Lines

The customer’s gas line was leaking so we had to replace the section of pipe. Since our professional plumbing team had to replace a section of pipe, we decided to help expand their residential gas lines as well. We rerouted the existing gas line to set them in the correct position for their rehab project. The entire process was quick and easy for this Chicago customer. We improved their gas line and now they could add a new fireplace to their Budlong Woods home!

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