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Gas Line Repipe | Prairie District Chicago

Gas Line Needs Reroute In Prairie District Chicago Home

Rescue Plumbing received a call from a homeowner in need of our plumbing service. A homeowner in a Prairie District Chicago high-rise was in need of gas line repair service while remodeling their kitchen.

Homeowner Kitchen Remodel Requires Plumbing Services

Our plumbers quickly made their way to the free estimate to assess the scope of work needed. The home was in the middle of a remodel, but the customer discovered the changes that they were looking to perform could not be performed without the help of a licensed and insured plumber.

Plumbing System Diagnostics

After assessing the work, our team found that the gas line needed to be rerouted. The customer wanted to move gas appliances and the only way to do that meant a new gas line installation was needed to get this done in a timely manner.

Rescue Plumbing Gas Line Repair Services

To begin repairs, our team removed the gas lines and capped the gas supply in the area it was originally located in. Then created a new gas supply and routed the new line to the area the customer desired. After the gas line was rerouted, the final step was connecting the gas appliances. After the appliances were connected, our plumbers ran a test to ensure everything was working properly. Our plumber had completed all the necessary steps and the homeowner was able to finish their kitchen remodel.

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