Kitchen Drain Clog Golf Illinois

Kitchen Drain Clog | Golf Illinois

Residential Plumbing Services

Our licensed plumber performed a drain cleaning service in the kitchen plumbing fixtures of a Golf area home. The call came in during the evening as the kitchen drain was beginning to back up in the main kitchen sink and island sink. Our plumbing emergency professionals are prepared for any plumbing issue!

Kitchen Line Drain Cleaning

The plumber attempted several times to power rod the kitchen drain line. The cable from the power rodding machine was unable to reach the main drain in the plumbing system. With each attempt, the cable was guided upwards instead of downwards towards the clog.

Improper Installation in Plumbing System

When the ceiling was open below the island sink, our plumbing experts found an improper loop vent connection that would not give access to the drain line when using a drain cleaning machine. A loop vent provides air circulation and helps keep the drain pipes empty, preventing clogs and slow drainage. This improper loop vent created grease accumulation in the vent and drain pipes leading to two kitchen sinks.

Professional Plumbing Service

The plumber removed the improper loop vent and drain lines and at the same time removed grease accumulation from both kitchen lines. A new vent was properly installed and new drain line piping systems for the two kitchen sinks. Our plumbing experts have cleared and diagnosed clogs in thousands of homes’ plumbing systems. Give our friendly staff a call to schedule your plumbing services at (773) 799-8848.

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