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Kitchen Drain Clog | Bowmanville Chicago

Clogged Drain Causes a Water Leak for a Bowmanville Homeowner

In Bowmanville, Chicago IL, our expert plumbers provided drain cleaning to repair a kitchen sink. A clog deep in your home’s pipes can cause a leak due to the pressure. Our pros recommend against disposing food particles into your drain or garbage disposal.

Clogged Drains Create a Leak

A customer called about a clogged drain and a water leak from the sewer line. The Bowmanville resident was concerned for their family’s health due to the kitchen sink backup. We sent out our on-call plumber to repair this clog the same day!

Plumbing System Diagnosis

Our plumbing services started by sucking out the water from the kitchen plumbing lines. The plumber tried to power-rod the drain to clear any food waste. Unfortunately, this did not solve the drain problem. Our plumber followed the plumbing system to uncover the cleanout access to the sewer lines. This revealed that the sewer line was clogged and began to leak due to the pressure.

Rescue Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services

After locating the clogged drains, our expert plumber replaced the damaged drain line and performed a professional drain cleaning. After the drain cleaning service, their kitchen sink could drain freely! Call our Chicago, IL plumbers today to start your drain cleaning project!

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