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Kitchen Drain Clog | Humboldt Park Chicago

Emergency Plumbing Services in Humboldt Park

A kitchen sink clog is not something you want to wake up to! A Humboldt Park resident awoke to his kitchen sink overflowing in their apartment unit. With our same-day service, our insured professionals were able to quickly diagnose the plumbing problem

Overflow of Kitchen Sink

Without using water in their units, the kitchen sink in this Humboldt Park unit continued to overflow, taking several trips with buckets filled with water to the bathroom.

Clogged Drains in the Communal Kitchen Drain

The plumber performed a clog diagnostic, which included checking all other plumbing systems in the apartment and isolating the problem area. The plumber discovered that the main communal kitchen drain line was clogged. All other drainage systems were working properly. The water to the kitchen had to be shut off to begin drain cleaning. The plumber power rodded nearly 75 feet from the kitchen drain to get the kitchen line working again.

Cleaning Services Year Round

We informed the condominium association that there was no clean-out access, clean-outs are required for proper maintenance of a building of that size. The condominium association hired us to install clean-out access. Rescue Plumbing now goes three times a year for cleaning services maintenance!

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