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Kitchen Sink Clog | Vernon Hills Illinois

Rescue Plumbing Clears Blockage In Vernon Hills Drain

When a kitchen sink starts backing up, call a professional plumbing services! This family in Vernon Hills, IL called our professional plumbers when they were unable to use their kitchen sink!

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Our friendly staff received a call from a customer in Vernon Hills, Il experiencing a clogged drain in the kitchen sink. Unable to clear the clog on their own, they decided to call a qualified plumber. Our professional plumbers traveled through the Vernon Hills area to solve the plumbing issues.

Rescue Plumbing Services

Rescue Plumbing’s local plumbers always arrive in fully stocked trucks ready to repair any clogged drains. They made their way to the kitchen sink to inspect the clogged drain. After inspection of the kitchen sink, our professional plumber found a blockage far in the line.

Drain Cleaning To Clear Blockage

To clear the blockage in the kitchen line, our experts removed several drain pipes from under the kitchen sink. After removing the pipes, they rodded the line 50 ft. deep and found tree roots in the line! After further inspection, they found a broken adaptor and a disconnected pipe from the cleanout. After repairing all the plumbing problems, they tested the line – everything was operating properly! Schedule our local plumbers for your kitchen sink repair at (773) 799-8848!

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