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Sewer Backup | La Grange Park Illinois

Sewer Line Professionals

Flooding in homes can be caused by a variety of things, from a combined sewer system overflowing, failed flood control systems, to the sewer lines being clogged. Our experienced plumbers have the tools and training to diagnose any sewer line problem. Our professionals are happy to help whether your property needs sewer rodding or pipe replacement.

La Grange Park Sewer Service

After a heavy rains, our La Grange Park plumber was sent out to a find the cause of a basement flooding. Typically a flood control system in a home will help prevent floods. Flood control systems, like a sump pump, will pump out storm water before it begins to overflow into the home. This La Grange Park home did not have a flood control system installed so the sewer system was looked into.

Sewer Backups

With a sewer camera inspection, our plumbers were able to get a thorough look at the sewer system of the home. A sewer camera inspection allows our plumbers to quickly determine what repairs are required for the sewer lines and get everything running smoothly again! They found that the main building sewer was severely back-pitched, meaning it wasn’t draining properly and would allow for potential backups to happen over time.

Sewer Plumbing Services

The plumber noticed no sewer clean-out accesses were installed, this allows plumbers to do a drain cleaning on the sewer line. The plumbers repiped the basement building sewer line, installed a clean-out access at the base of the drains, and the exterior of the property. Rescue Plumbing offers sewer repairs and plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in the La Grange Park area.

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