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Sewer Clean Out | Lakewood-Balmoral Chicago

Late Night Plumbing Services Needed For Backed Up Sewer Line

Rescue Plumbing received a call after hours from a customer in Lakewood-Balmoral that needed emergency same-day service for a main sewer line backing up. Our plumber quickly made their way to the property.

Drains Backing Up in Basement of Lakewood-Balmoral Home

Our expert made their way down the tree-lined streets of Lakewood-Balmoral to the home to find slow drains throughout the plumbing system. In the basement, the toilet was overflowing with sewage as well as the bathtub. This meant there was an issue with the sewer line.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

To determine the cause of the back up the plumber needed to locate the main sewer cleanout access point. The access point was outside of the property in the yard. After inspection, the plumber found the sewer was clogged which caused the backup and needed a drain cleaning.

Sewer Line Needs Drain Cleaning to Clear Blockage

To perform a drain cleaning our team used a power-rodding machine to rod the sewer from the exterior access point. While rodding our team found the blockage in the sewer line was caused by tree roots and baby wipes. We properly cleared the drain and no more slow drains were found in the home! Schedule your drain cleaning today!

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