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Sewer Clean Out | Niles Illinois

Emergency Services Needed in Niles Illinois for Sewage Water in Basement

Our professional plumbers are experienced in providing emergency services all across Illinois. Whether you have a clogged drain, need sewer rodding, broken pipe repair or have issues with your sump pumps, our plumbers are here to help!

Emergency Sewer Clean Out Niles IL

A customer from Niles Illinois called with a plumbing emergency. Sewer water was coming up from the drain in their basement. Our plumbers responded right away and made it to the customers home in less than 25 minutes! 

Clogged Sewer Line

Upon investigation of the sewer system, our licensed plumbers found that the main sewer line was clogged which caused the water backup. The sewer cleaning process was started immediately to avoid further damage.

Our plumbers opened up the sewer cleanout in the basement which is an opening that gives plumbers access to the inside of the sewer lines. They used a drain cleaning machine to unclog the sewer line. After hours of cleaning, our plumbers were able to remove large amounts of blockage, but the sewer lines were still clogged. 

Plumbing Services and Drain Cleaning Services

Due to the location of the pipe, our plumbers had to excavate down to access the rest of the clog and remove the tree roots that had overtaken the pipe. After the clog had been removed, our plumbers replaced the 3.5” sewer cleanout with a new 6” cleanout to simplify the removal of any clogs in the future. Our team did a great job responding to the emergency and took the time to focus on a future plan of action with the customer.

It is important to get routine drain cleaning services to avoid slow drains, drain line clogs, and sewage backup. Rescue Plumbing offers both preventative and repair services for your plumbing system, contact us for your free estimate!

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