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Sewer Line Repair | Edgebrook Chicago

Heavy Rainfall Causes Basement Flooding

In Chicago, IL heavy rainfall can overwhelm plumbing systems. Our local Chicago plumbers know sewer lines can become clogged and flood homes around the area. Rescue Plumbing provides sewer services rain or shine!

Basement Flooding Needs an Emergency Plumbing Company

An Edgebrook resident called during a rainstorm. Their basement was flooding! We sent a licensed plumber out during the storm. Due to the storm, they knew it wasn’t a pipe leak or a leaking water heater.

Sewer Clog From a Broken Sewer Line

Our plumbing contractor started to diagnose the plumbing system immediately. The plumber noticed the water was coming from the drain which indicated the sewer lines were backed-up. In Chicago, during heavy rain, the city sewer system can flood into homes. The most reliable service to prevent that is flood control. For this customer’s plumbing issues our expert plumbers began the sewer repair.

Sewer Camera Inspection and Sewer Service

Before beginning a sewer line repair, Rescue Plumbing starts with a sewer line camera inspection. By inspecting the sewer line, our insured professionals get a sense of the damage and necessary repairs. Our plumbers found tree roots had broken the sewer line. We stopped the flooding and repaired the sewer after the storm!

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