Plumber Winnetka Sewer Pit Replacement

Sewer Pit Replacement in Winnetka Illinois


Recently, we completed a residential plumbing job the grand city of Winnetka.  Originally, the owner called us to their property for a smell coming from the sump pit inside the utility room.  Also, the customer said on the phone that the sump pump ran often, almost too much.  The customer recently purchased the home.  They stated that they did not have sump pump issues like this at their previous residence.

Residential Plumbing in Winnetka

We sent a plumber right away to the Rescue to inspect the plumbing in the utility room.  The plumber performed an in depth diagnostic on the sump pump pit and discovered an old broken clay pit.  The broken clay pit was leaking out into the earth beneath the basement floor.  Immediately, Rescue Plumbing went to work excavating strategically in a confined space.  We removed the old, broken clay sump pit. 

Sump Pump Pit Installation

First, we installed a new sump pit and sealed it properly.  Just doing this, we were able to reuse the existing pump.  Fixing the leaking pit meant the pump no longer ran continuously.  And, the smell went away by properly sealing the pit.  The customer was extremely happy that both issues were resolved.

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