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Sewer Repair Required for Clogged Line in La Grange, IL Home

Rescue Plumbing received an emergency call from a La Grange, IL customer, the floor drain connected to sewer lines was backing up into the basement. The backup was causing a flood in the basement, the homeowner knew they needed expert technicians to solve their plumbing problem.

Sewer Lines Backing Up Cause Basement Flood

Our technician arrived at the La Grange, IL home prepared to diagnose the issue. Our technicians are familiar with basement floods, usually caused by a clogged sewer pipe or faulty sump pumps. No matter the cause of the backing-up drains, our plumber was prepared to solve the customer’s plumbing needs.

Rescue Plumbing Sewer Services

After inspection, our team discovered the sewer line had no sewer clean-out access. The basement flooding occurred because the sewer line had not been properly maintained. Sewer lines require maintenance to prevent backups and clogged sewer lines. After diagnosing the problem in the main sewer line, our professionals started sewer line repair.

Sewer Line Repair Performed in La Grange, IL

The sewer line repair began with gaining access to the sewer pipe to clear the blockage. First, our plumber installed a main sewer line clean-out. After installing the clean-out, we performed a drain rodding. The blockage in the sewer line was caused by tree roots. After a successful drain cleaning, the La Grange, Il home sewer line was draining better than ever. Schedule your plumbing services for sewer line repair today!

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