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Sewer Repair | Logan Square Chicago

Experienced Plumbers Perform Routine Plumbing Services in Logan Square IL

We are the go-to plumbing company in Logan Square for sewer line maintenance! One of the main calls we get in the Logan Square neighborhood is for sewer line maintenance. Most of the sewer lines in the neighborhood are made of clay which makes them more prone to blockages caused by tree root intrusions.

Routine Plumbing Services for Sewer Line in Logan Square IL

Our customer had scheduled a routine power rodding and sewer camera inspection of their sewer lines. This routine service helped ensure their sewer system was working properly and to avoid any plumbing emergency in the future.

Power Rod and Camera Inspection of Sewer Lines

Once our plumbers arrived at the customers house they began the maintenance by using a power rod to clear out the sewer pipe. A power rod is a long, flexible cable with a motorized rotating head and blade that spins at a high speed, breaking up any blockages and clearing the pipe.

After the rodding was complete, they performed a video inspection of the entire sewer line. Our plumbers found that no sewer pipe repair or other plumbing services were needed.

Importance of Plumbing Systems Maintenance

Our plumbers recommended that customers get routine drain cleaning services and a camera inspection every other year to ensure there is no accumulation of buildup in the sewer system.

It is also important to perform routine maintenance on other parts of your plumbing system like water heaters and a garbage disposal to extend the systems lifespan and avoid expensive repairs. Call our friendly staff today to schedule a free estimate, (773) 799-8848!

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