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Sewer Repair | Jefferson Park Chicago

Plumbing Services Needed for Water Backup in Basement

Water backup in basements is very common especially during the rainy season which is why it is important to perform regular maintenance of your sewer and plumbing systems. This helps prevent sump pump failure and other emergency plumbing problems that can occur.

Plumbing Emergency in Jefferson Park Chicago

A customer called with a plumbing emergency in the Jefferson Park Chicago neighborhood. After heavy rain, parts of their basement had up to 2 inches of water that would not drain. This is a common problem that we encounter when heavy rains occur and the main sewer line of a home is clogged.

Quick and Professional Plumbing Services

Our licensed plumbers immediately knew that the water backup was from a clogged sewer line and quickly got to work. Sewer clogs can be caused by a variety of factors like flushing foreign objects down the toilet, hair and grease buildup, even roots from nearby trees can invade lines and cause blockages.

Plumbing Service Complete

To unclog the line our plumbers used a power rod which is a long, flexible cable with a motorized rotating blade that spins to break up blockages and clear the pipe. After the sewer line was unclogged, they used a sewer camera to inspect the entire system to ensure the clog was fully cleared. The plumbing repairs were complete and the clog was fully cleared from the customers sewer, leaving our customers extremely happy!

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