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Sewer Pipe Services Needed for Water Backup into Basement in Deerfield, IL

During rainy springs and summers, water backup can happen quickly and cause flooding. Repair services such as drain cleaning and sewer services are often requested during these rainy seasons.

Our skilled plumbers are ready to tackle these issues and prevent further damage to your property. Our Deerfield plumbing services helped stop repeated basement flooding for one concerned homeowner.

Plumbing Emergency in Deerfield, IL

A customer in Deerfield, Il reported that during rainstorms, water built up in the basement, causing annoyance and property damage. The customer explained that during heavy rainfall, a water bubble had formed in the backyard.

Flooding can cause extensive damage to basements and contribute to mold growth, which can cause more damage, so it was important to use our expertise to act quickly to solve this problem.

Broken Sewer Line Causes Flooding

Our skilled technicians were on the job quickly. The plumber determined that a broken sewer line outdoors in the backyard was the cause of the problem.

Stormwater was unable to flow freely due to the broken sewer line, which resulted in flooding in the basement. A camera was put into the sewer pipe to inspect the damage to the pipe and plan out how to offer the best service in this scenario.

Clearing and Fixing the Broken Sewer Lines

A break was spotted in the sewer line. The damaged portion of the storm sewer was then replaced by the plumber. In order to make future maintenance easier, a new drain clean-out access was also installed. Drain clean-out accesses are pipes that are installed to make access to clogged pipes easier. This would help prevent future blockage in the pipe.

The plumber used hydro jetting, a technique where high-pressure water is used to sweep away roots and other debris, to clear the line. The flooding in the basement was stopped once these repairs were made and the line was cleared. Not only did this resolve the issue, but it ensured future maintenance to clear potential blockage would be a breeze.

Rescue Plumbing provides services for sewer line replacements, sump pumps, water heaters, and garbage disposals.

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