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Sewer Repair | Oak Park Illinois

Rescue Plumbing Comes to the Rescue With Oak Park Sewer Repair

Sewer backups can cause serious problems, such as property damage and health issues. A sewer backup can even weaken the foundation of your home when left unrepaired! Sewer line repair is just one service offered by Rescue Plumbing in Oak Park, IL, and beyond. We offer expert plumbing services to keep your property clean and avoid further damage.

Damage to Sewer Line Causing Backup Into Basement

One customer called Rescue Plumbing to report sewage backing up through their basement floor drain. Luckily, Rescue Plumbing was able to offer exceptional service and help this homeowner avoid major property damage.

Sewer Line Repair Needed After Source of Backup is Found

Our plumber first cleared the floor drain to get to the sewer line. After that, the plumber conducted a thorough sewer camera inspection. This gave the plumber a look into the pipes to clearly diagnose the plumbing issue. The inspection uncovered a broken section of the sewer line outside the foundation wall, underneath a deck.

Rescue Plumbing Delivers Exceptional Sewer Line Repairs

The broken sewer pipe, damaged from tree roots, was excavated and replaced with a slightly wider pipe to make future maintenance easier. Additionally, another clean-out access was installed to assist with future maintenance.

Sewer repairs with our skilled professionals are a breeze! Sewer services are also just one service Rescue Plumbing offers – if you need your toilet repaired, or someone to look at your water heater, we work quickly and efficiently to get the job done.

There was a clear issue with the sewer lines on this property, but finding the exact location of the obstruction or damage was a challenge. However, our skilled professionals had no trouble pinpointing the problem and swiftly resolving it.

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