Sewer Repair in North Park Chicago

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Chicago Snowstorm? To the Rescue!

Recently, we completed a sewer repair job in the North Park Neighborhood of Chicago.  This was not our first time here.  Previously, we completed a sewer repair at this residential plumbing job site.

The sewer repair went perfectly.  Unfortunately, we got stuck waiting for the city to pass inspection before we could backfill.  Now, in a city like Chicago, you can imagine how busy the inspector’s office can be! Needless to say, there was no way we could miss this plumbing inspection. Only this time, our scheduled date and time fell in the middle of a rough Chicago snowstorm!

Backfilling in a Blizzard

This job was a previously scheduled inspection that landed directly in a snow storm.  Everyone working the job had to wake up early to shovel driveways and vehicles.  We backfilled the excavation in the middle of a freezing cold snowstorm.  To the Rescue!!!  We even had a lady complain to me that she could not believe I was making them work in this weather.

Now That’s a Boulder!

The boulder was unexpected, but we had the right tool for the job. Our men had to break down that boulder with a jack hammer and haul it away.  I can tell you the truck weighed over 1,900 pounds at the dump sight.  Brutal hard work hands down, and all in a freezing snowstorm.

Anything Plumbing, We Can Rescue

Whether it’s a winter sewer repair, frozen pipes, or a leaky toilet – we can rescue it.  Residential or Commercial plumbing – we can handle it.  Call us at Rescue Plumbing today for free estimates on all jobs, and emergency plumbing services done same day. Anything Plumbing, We Can Rescue!

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