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Sewer Line Repair Tree Roots Broken Pipe

Sewer Repair Plumber in Park Ridge Illinois

This sewer repair job was completed in the great city of Park Ridge Illinois. The Rescue Team was called out to the residence due to flooding in the basement. Sewage began to devour the basement floor as discharge swept the premises!

Upon arrival, our emergency plumbers went into the basement to discover sewage overflowing from the floor drains of the basement. Fortunately, our expert plumber quickly located the main sewer and clean out access.


Power Rodding Main Sewer Line

The Rescue team moved as efficiently as possible to rod the main sewer line, carrying a gargantuous heavy rodding machine down the stairs. Our industry-standard power rodding machine is specifically designed to unclog main sewer lines.

One of our highly experienced plumbers and his apprentices proceeded to power rod the sewer to relieve the blockage. The plumbers and his squire power rodded the sewer for several hours to no avail.


Sewer Camera Inspection in the Main Sewer Line

The next step was to perform a sewer camera inspection inside of the main sewer line to locate the impassable section of the sewer.

We located the blockaded section of the sewer right outside the foundation wall. We were forced to cut the concrete sidewalk outside the back door of the residence to access the sewer.

The digging crew arrived to excavate down to the sewer and finally expose the damaged sewer line.


Sewer Line Repair Tree Roots

The sewer line was totally engulfed with tree roots!

Tree root systems need vital nutrients for supplementation and are extremely efficient at finding water.

The problem for homeowners is, they often find their source of supplementation in your sewer lines. Sewer lines can provide trees with the proper nutrients they need to grow and prosper.

A tree’s roots are so powerful they find the sewer and infiltrate any little crack in the sewer they find. In time, they force their way into your piping system and eventually block your sewer entirely.

The incredibly hard-working team at Rescue Pluming INC. removed all the tree roots from the section of breached sewer piping and replaced the broken clay sewer.

Pipes are now running great and flowing seamlessly. Another hard day’s work and another happy and satisfied customer.

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