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Sewer Repair | Park Ridge Illinois

Clogged Sewer Line in Park Ridge, IL Causes Back-Up in Basement

In Park Ridge Il, our professional plumber provided sewer repair to a clogged sewer line backing up floor drains. The last thing homeowners want to deal with are clogs in the sewer lines, this can interfere with the entire plumbing system of the property.

Floor Drain Causes Flooding in Basement

A customer called to schedule an appointment for a basement flooding with sewage. Our plumber arrived at the estimate to find the floor drains were backed up causing sewage to come up from the pipes. The team quickly jumped into action to repair the issue, they located the clean-out access of the main sewer line and began rodding to clear the blockage. After hours of rodding, the line was still clogged.

Camera Inspection of Sewer Line

Soon our expert learned this Park Ridge sewer repair was not a simple rodding! The next step was to perform a camera inspection of the sewer pipe to locate the exact spot of the blockage. Took us no time to find the clog was located right outside of the foundation wall. The camera revealed a broken sewer caused by tree roots! Tree roots are known to cause clogs in sewer lines especially if they do not receive proper maintenance.

Park Ridge Sewer Repair Service

To begin sewer repair, we broke through concrete to access the underground sewer. The digging crew began excavation of the broken sewer and removed all of the tree roots stuck in the sewer pipe. Once all the tree roots were removed, installation of the sewer pipe began. Our plumber addressed all of the plumbing needs for this sewer repair and installed a flood control to ensure there would be no more flooding. Whether residential or commercial plumbing our plumbers are ready to repair your sewer, schedule your appointment today!

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