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Pilsen Plumbing Sewer Repair

This customer frequently called us to service his home’s sewer in Pilsen Chicago, IL. Sewage from the city sewer would constantly back up into the homeowner’s basement. Sewer backups are hazardous to one’s health, a plumber conducts a sewer camera inspection to provide an in-depth look at your sewer line and effectively determine the cause of the problem.

Frequent Plumbing Service Call

Our plumbers started maintenance services once every 6 months, then every two months and finally, every two weeks. The customer’s sewer was constantly backing up and damaging the basement. A sewer camera inspection was finally requested from the customer to determine the cause of the constant sewer backups.

Shifted Sewer Pipe Causes Clog

The sewer line had a massive amount of roots in the sewer line. The sewer pipe had shifted in the ground, allowing the roots to enter. Because of the shift, our plumber was unable to hydro jet the sewer pipe clear. Without pipe repair and replacement, the customer would continually need sewer maintenance services.

Plumbing Contractor Repairs Pipe

To prevent further plumbing issues, our team located the shifted sewer pipe and excavated it for repair. We removed the damaged section of the sewer and installed a new pipe, along with a full-size six-inch clean-out. With this full-size six-inch cleanout, any plumbing contractor with the proper rodding equipment can clear the sewer pipe if needed. Rescue Plumbing are experts in sewer pipe repair, providing efficient and effective sewer repair work in the Chicago area!

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