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Masonry Debris Causes Sewer Back Up

This service call was in the Bridgeport Chicago area, the sewer pipe had been blocked with masonry debris. The communal laundry room of a condominium building needed to be cleaned and unclogged.

Sewer Plumbing Problem

Our Bridgeport plumbers were called to a resident’s home whose kitchen sink and laundry drain lines were overflowing. After several hours of drain cleaning the sewer line, the blockage was still not clear.

Plumbing Contractors Perform Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection was performed to determine the location and cause of the clog. Our local plumbers found that there was masonry debris within the sewer line. Masonry debris is fragments of stone, brick, or concrete that are left over from construction or demolition projects. Drain cleaning can clear all the debris in no time!

Full-Service Plumbing Company

To access the sewer line beneath the laundry room, our Bridgeport plumbers needed to break through the concrete and replaced the PVC piping. Our plumber repaired the sewer clog and ensured the sewer was running smoothly. The Bridgeport resident was pleased with the excellent job our plumbers did on this service call.

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